Pathology collection services is available at Merrylands Family Practice.

This service is provided by ClinicalLabs.


Australian Clinical Labs Pathology has a proud partnership with the Merrylands Family Practice offering onsite collection services.

Clinical Labs is a leader in traditional molecular testing and new technologies. Our investment in science and technology has enabled us to re-shape traditional pathology with innovations in precision and personalised medicine. We support doctors, specialists and hospitals through innovative apps and technology built especially to help manage patients’ health, quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

Appointment Preparation

  • Correct collection of specimens ensures that your results can be provided quickly and accurately.
  • General Preparation for Blood tests:

– Ensure you are well hydrated by drinking plenty of water (ONLY water)

– Bring your Pathology request form

– Bring your Medicare Card

If you require other tests, please speak to our staff to see if any different preparation is needed.

For comprehensive information on Clinical Labs, please visit our website

Opening Hours

Opening hours are: Monday to Friday: 8:00am – 2pm, Saturday: 9am – 12pm. Appointments are not required.